Out of all the scandals tied to Hillary the only one that might not be politically motivated is the server. Where she differs from Powell and Rice is that she deleted e-mails instead of letting the government panel review first; which indicates (but not prove) that she or someone around her was trying to hide something.

I am not in favor of Hillary because she is in bed with Wall Street and a lot of big businesses. She is merely playing lip service and saying anything to get elected when her past behavior clearly shows otherwise. Personally I think we would be far better off with Sanders or Warren. Although to be really honest I think both parties are failing us. One wants to make us slaves to a certain group of rich people, the other side wants us slaves to other rich people but disguises it (look at how much of the social programs actually makes it to the people it should help, less than half, the other half goes to expenses and costs that funnel to other rich people).

I don’t want to see the mom and pop businesses killed or harmed, but we have to find a way to reign in the big corporations and extremely wealthy that control so much. For ages we have let them build power and take over the world. Tariffs and better written trade agreements would be a huge step. Promoting a culture that supports local businesses would be next…