It shouldn't be that difficult to discern who shot the bikers. With technology we have now, it's easy to figure out exactly what round and specific bullet came from each gun. Done deal. I haven't read everything, but I also haven't read anywhere about this particular subject. Shouldn't it be public information by now? If not, it will come out, or should come out in court. Then will know how truly reckless, and with prejudice, this police department acted. These are members of the Waco Police that should be terminated with equal prejudice and left with zero benefits. The MC members that were shot, may not have even been directly involved in the attack. This whole thing stinks of police corruption. The FBI should've taken over this investigation by now. The idea of the Waco PD investigating their own wrongdoing is a complete farce and cannot be allowed to happen! Do you feel safe now when you feel the need to call your local PD for help? I know I sure as hell don't.